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Our teams manage the engineering of your facilities with a view to providing ongoing technical improvements and, secure environment whilst respect the environment. The team already do this for, for 13 dams and reservoirs, over 106 km of canals, nearly 5,000 km of buried pressure pipes, 125 pumping stations and 7 drinking water treatment plants within the BRL Group.

Areas of expertise

Optimize the performance of your hydraulic structures

Since its creation, BRL Ingénierie has designed and supervised the construction of large dams, both in France and abroad. In addition to these achievements, our specialists provide all services related to infrastructures and equipment, and master all technical aspects of pumping stations. They are also involved in water transfer projects, whether gravity-fed or pressure-fed, and maintain the aims of sustainable development. BRL Ingénierie is one of the pioneers in the field of hydroelectricity, and is the European leader in the optimization of facilities for the production of this renewable energy.

Un barrage gonflable
Tuyaux pour le transfert d'eau d'Aqua Domitia
Inspection d'un ouvrage
Travaux de la galerie de Salazie sur l'île de la Réunion

"Dams, locks, treatment plants... When designing complex hydraulic infrastructures, we work with 3D modeling tools and are a major player in BIM (Building Information Modeling) technology. For our customers, modeling and mock-ups are invaluable aids to decision-making, as well as to controlling costs and deadlines. "

Julien Aubonnet
Julien AubonnetInfrastructure and Maritime Business Manager

Business management

Line Babiol
Line BabiolProject Director
Murielle Benedetti
Murielle BenedettiProject Director
Arnaud Durand
Arnaud Durand Project Director
Luc Girard
Luc Girard Project Director
Nicolas Gros
Nicolas Gros Project Director
Franck Rangognio
Franck Rangognio Project Director
Olivier Tirand
Olivier TirandProject Director
Eric Vuillermet
Eric Vuillermet Project Director
Julien Vanwarreghem
Julien VanwarreghemProject Director

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Renovation and lengthening of the Méricourt locks on the Seine River

Renovation and lengthening of the Méricourt locks on the Seine River

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