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BRL Ingénierie is the BRL Group's engineering and consultancy subsidiary. The Group's mission is to offer sustainable solutions for regional development in the fields of water, the environment and biodiversity. BRLI participates as an actor in regional development alongside local and international players. The Group's majority shareholders in the public sector and its senior management have made CSR policy one of the levers of their strategy, and pay particular attention to respect for human rights, regulatory compliance and ethics in all entities of the Group. BRLI's mission, as an engineering and consultancy firm, is to support public and private sector contractors to meet the challenges of environmental, climate, energy and food supply related transitions, and to help build a responsible world that serves populations. The company’s know-how is internationally recognised and BRLI is keen to maintain and develop it. To this end, a policy of excellence has been put in place, both in terms of technical achievements and in terms of compliance with international and local regulations, as well as the rules of the various stakeholders involved in the projects we operate. BRLI and our employees share and promote the following values and objectives:

  • Sharing and solidarity: maintaining a spirit of solidarity among team members, and developing a true partnership with our customers and partners.
  • Social and environmental responsibility: respecting people in company projects and relationships, upholding rules of ethics, integrity and impartiality, ensuring that company projects contribute to preserving the environment.
  • Excellence: pursuing and consolidating our positioning in top-of-the-range engineering through the indisputable quality of our studies and the provision of innovative, made-to-measure solutions.
  • Customer satisfaction: providing long-term support, offering practical and sustainable solutions for our customers' issues.
  • Creativity and innovation: anchoring innovation as the key to BRLI's ambition and proposing alternatives to standard solutions, adapted to cultural and economic contexts and constantly evolving challenges. BRLI has developed a policy of excellence and quality, based on:
  • Competence: implementing a policy of developing and maintaining our employees' skills at the highest level in all areas of the company’s business. BRLI only accepts assignments for which it has the resources and skills required to carry them out successfully, either in-house or by using duly qualified service providers.
  • Training: BRLI devotes over 3% of its payroll to implement a professional skills development plan guaranteeing that staff profiles best match the changes in technology and skills required.
  • Innovation: BRLI is committed to a proactive approach to innovation and R&D in the fields of water, environmental and territorial management, making full use of its expertise in digital technology and data science.

Find out more about our Conduct Code by downloading it here.