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Acting and innovating

For a sustainable world serving people and their environment

BRL Ingénierie always work creatively on every project, focussing on one or more of 5 different themes:
Complex structures
The common thread running through each of the five themes is ecological and social transition.

"Our work is constantly changing in order to better meet the needs of our customers and the changing face of society. These changes in our work practices are innovative and creative and are based on the latest advances in research. In this way we are able to develop regenerative projects, which will contribute to creating a sustainable society and have a positive impact on our ecosystems. We integrate regulatory and technological developments into our thinking, with the ultimate aim of responsible innovation."

Stéphanie Fillion
Stéphanie Fillion Deputy Manager / Strategy and Innovation Development
To encourage and stimulate innovation among our employees, we allocate innovation credits to each of our specialised work teams and structure our approach around a specific governance structure. Under the guidance of a cross-functional strategy and innovation department, innovation and R&D referents are responsible for :
alt-Cultiver l'innovation en interne
Bringing ideas to life
within our business teams
Stimulating innovation and R&D
with a focus on responsible innovation
Capitalizing and sharing
in-house knowledge creation
Recent milestones on the road to innovation


Submerged geotubes

Erosion control on the Lido between Sète and Marseillan (end 2016)


Inflatable dams

Production of a guide for VNF


National Engineering Grand Prix

Barracks dam on the Couesnon to desilt the bay of Mont St-Michel


Explore 2070

Study on the possible impact of climate change on surface water resources in France between 2050 and 2070


Litto CMS

Management of marine submersion alerts: assistance systems - R&D program with Université Montpellier II / CNRS / IBM / GEOMATYS


Grand prix for ecological engineering

Prado Marseille reef operation, in collaboration with GIS Posidonies


Working group on spatial hydrology

Creation agreement signed with AFD, CNES, CNR, IRD, IRSTEA and IOWater - SWOT program


Creation of WIMES

Water Information Management Ecosystem and Services



Flood Forecasting Systems in Cyclonic Contexts, conducted with BRGM, ARMINES, Météo-France


REUT Guide (Reuse of wastewater)

At the end of the NOWMMA R&D project


SWOT program

Early adopter of Surface Water Ocean Topography (SWOT) program


Design and installation of attached artificial blocks

Reinforcement of the Rivière des Galets dikes on Reunion Island


Optimized design of coastal defence structures

Megan Cook's thesis


Machine learning techniques for flood prediction

Valentin Mercier's thesis


Chair in Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)

ELSA PACT, the fruit of collaboration between researchers, teachers and companies (since 2014) to better integrate the environmental and social components of products and services.