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Mooring lockers for pleasure yachts

Bonifacio Anchorage and Light Equipment Zone



The development of yachting in Corsica contributes to the island's economic activity. However, an increase in the number of moorings on sensitive sites would have dramatic consequences for the natural environment. In this context, the town of Bonifacio has entrusted BRLi with a complete AMO (from a feasibility study through to acceptance of work and maintenance of the zone, including environmental and regulatory assistance, as well as management of the consultation process) for the creation of two anchorage locker zones for large yachts.

The commune's objective is to create a suitable berthing capacity for yachts over 24m on the Bonifacio coastline.

Vue sous-marine d'un lest
Vue sous-marine d'un lest
Un plongeur examine le coffre de mouillage
Un poisson passe au dessus d'un coffre de mouillage

& Services

The services provided by BRLi include :

  • An analysis of the current situation for large yachts and a benchmark of mooring management models in the Mediterranean;
  • An analysis of site data (environment, weather, etc.) and a technical proposal for the implementation of new mooring boxes (anchoring, eco-design, maintenance, etc.);
  • An estimation of investment costs, amortization possibilities and the search for corresponding financing;
  • A proposal for an administrative and technical management model for the anchorage zone, including the preparation of a set of regulations for the zone, and proposal for management methods (staff recruitment, implementation of management software, equipment purchase, etc.);
  • A legal analysis of the management mode envisaged (public/private/autonomous or not, with legal personality or not/etc.);
  • The animation of steering and consultation committees for the implementation of the project, with a view to building consensus and maximum support for the project;
  • Carrying out multi-criteria analyses** to help the client make an informed choice regarding the anchorage solution;
  • Once the solution has been chosen, the effective implementation of the project.

The town of Bonifacio chose to create two separate MELZs, each with 7 buoys for boats from 40 to 80m. The studies were punctuated by various steering and consultation committees in Bonifacio to ensure the emergence of the project. To bring the project to fruition, BRLi was also responsible for :

  • the drafting, monitoring and concertation with government departments of administrative and environmental files to obtain regulatory authorizations for the creation of mooring zones,
  • supervision of geotechnical surveys in the area,
  • the eco-design of structures in line with the area's environmental challenges,
  • taking into account the insurance risk associated with the new anchorage areas,
  • the proper conduct of landscape integration studies in line with the DIRM's expectations,
  • the definition of the method of consultation of companies for: project management, construction and maintenance of the zone (global public performance contract),
  • the choice of the service provider to implement the zone,
  • the monitoring of the proper execution of the work from both a technical and environmental point of view by the company and its prime contractor,
  • the monitoring of zone maintenance (annual assembly and dismantling, maintenance operations, etc.).
Flagship projects


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