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Great Green Wall in Mauritania

Feasibility study and start-up support for the Appui project

AfriqueMauritaniaRégions de l’Assaba, du Hodh El Chargui et de Hodh El Gharbi


The aim of the project is to contribute to the implementation of the Great Green Wall in Mauritania by supporting land restoration and sustainable ecosystem management, capacity-building for stakeholders and natural resource governance.

& Services

This service involved :

  • confirm the project's intervention zone in relation to the GMV route in the target regions (Assaba and the 2 Hodhs);
  • assess the appropriateness of retaining the proposed components or reorganizing / reformulating them in line with the specific objectives and necessary coherence of the project;
  • specify their content, targeting and/or criteria for the selection and implementation of actions financed by the project;
  • present all the elements required for the successful implementation of the project's components:
  • initiate and conduct a consultative and participatory process with stakeholders concerned by the project;
  • define the duration and scope of intervention;
  • establish consistency with national policy;
  • determine project content by component;
  • define the administrative organization;
  • define the operating mode and operational plan;
  • determine cost and financing plan;
  • determine expected results and impacts;
  • establish the logical framework ;
  • identify possible actions for rapid implementation;
  • define the project's monitoring and evaluation system, including indicators and sources of verification (internal to the project or external);
  • carry out a study of environmental and social risks;
  • produce the project's carbon footprint using EX-ACT software (FAO)
  • develop a gender component for the project;
  • assess technical, institutional, operational and legal risks, economic and commercial risks, environmental and social risks, and propose mitigation measures.

Sustainable Development Goals (SDD) of the United Nations

2 - Zero hunger
Flagship projects


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