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Climate Change Adaptation Program for Territories in Tunisia

Complementary study related to the program's submission to the Green Fund



The geographic scope of the program covers 5 governorates: Bizerte, Kairouan, Le Kef, Sidi Bouzid and Siliana. Within these governorates, priority areas have been selected according to their degree of environmental and socio-economic vulnerability, and their potential for economic development based on natural resources. The implementation of this Program (56.1 million euros) is to be 95.5% financed by contributions from the AFD and the FGEF. A feasibility study is currently being finalized. In order to broaden the scope of the program, a request for additional funding is currently being submitted to the Green Climate Fund. Assuming this additional funding from the Green Climate Fund, estimated at 24 million euros, the Program's area of intervention would be extended to 3 other governorates: Kasserine, Mahdia and Zaghouan.

Paysage de plaine en Tunisie
Paysage rural en Tunisie

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The objective of the study is to provide complementary analyses to the Program's feasibility study, so as to present the Green Climate Fund with a complete file that complies with its requests concerning the points listed below:

  • Characterization of the Program's contribution to the adaptation of zones of influence to climate change;
  • Economic and financial assessment of the Program;
  • Environmental and social impact management framework;
  • Consideration of gender issues;
  • Definition of impact indicators and clarification of the monitoring-evaluation system;
  • Presentation of the completed program budget;
  • Program summary;
  • Additional analyses cover the 8 potential Program governorates. Economic modeling of the program's impact was carried out to calculate net value added (NPV) and internal rate of return (IRR).
Flagship projects


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