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Capitalizing on AFD's operations in China

Review since 2003

AsiePeople's Republic of China


Despite an extremely powerful economy, China remains a developing country in the sense of development aid criteria. This reflects major social disparities and major needs in terms of support for its actions, both environmental and human.

Against this backdrop, which naturally calls into question the relevance of AFD's operations in China, AFD's Board of Directors decided to take a step back over the past 20 years.

BRLi was commissioned to draw up an assessment of the projects supported by AFD in China since 2003, in order to highlight the positive levers of its action and identify the obstacles encountered. Our analysis focused in particular on the effects on climate and biodiversity, but also on the transfer of best practices and reciprocity on a national and international scale.

This study meets two major challenges for AFD: accountability and transparency. It will enable AFD to adjust not only its local operations, but also its international collaboration with China, in the light of the latter's transition to so-called developed countries.

Panorama de Panjin en Chine
Palais d'été à Pékin en Chine
Vue sur la cité interdite en Chine

& Services

  • A dynamic analysis of the evolution of AFD's strategy in China, placing it in perspective with SinoFrench diplomatic relations.
  • A comparison of AFD's strategy with those of other donors present in China
  • A review of AFD's portfolio of 47 projects in China up to 2020
  • An analysis of the ex-post evaluations carried out for 7 projects
  • An in-depth study of 5 different projects financed by AFD in China, including interviews with the project owners.
  • An analysis of the mechanisms between AFD's central services and the local agency in Beijing
  • Proposals for the future development of AFD operations in China.
  • The drafting of a communication synthesis to share the main conclusions of the study.

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Flagship projects


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