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TWR guide (Treated Wastewater Reuse)

We are pleased to share with you an updated version of our decision-support guide for the implementation of a #TWR 💧 (Treated Wastewater Reuse) project. This guide is an update of the work carried out as part of the NOWMMA R&D project, enriched with feedback gathered over the last 4 years. It aims to enable readers to assimilate the challenges, obstacles and limitations of a TWR project , and to keep them abreast of the various associated specificities from project set-up through to the operation of future facilities. The guide provides information which should support a more effective implementation of TWR projects. The information contained in this guide will enable readers to take a critical look at the various options that may be proposed, by providing them with a knowledge base. You can find it in the media library section of our website. Happy reading!