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Integrated Water Resources Management

A source of life, water can also generate disagreements or hinder the development of territories when it is shared. BRL Ingénierie's expertise in this field and its specific tools contribute, in complete transparency, to the establishment of agreements that protect both populations and aquatic environments.

Areas of expertise

Reconciling development and protection of water resources

BRL Ingénierie is a leader in integrated water resource management, based as much on our technical and scientific approach as on the ability of our specialists to carry out consultations with our customers. Our experience in this field is internationally recognized, and we operate on all scales: simple or complex aquifers, local watersheds, large watersheds (Nile, Congo, Niger, Red River, Rio Sao Francisco...). The support we offer locally, the tools we use and the overviews we can give to our clients are invaluable aids in negotiations and decision-making.

Chutes d'Ekom au Cameroun
Rivière Akobo
Concertation autour d'une carte pour le SDAGE de l'OMVS
Gorges du Gardon

"Our scope of intervention covers the full range of expertise required for integrated management. We are able to support our customers in all areas: hydrology, hydrogeology, hydrobiology, wetlands, water quality, river dynamics, water uses, etc and also in all issues relating to economics, law and institutional approaches."

Guillaume Fabre
Guillaume Fabre Deputy General Manager / Urban Hydraulics Business Manager

Business management

Julien Verdonck
Julien VerdonckProject Director
Clément Balique
Clément Balique Project Director
Sébastien Chazot
Sébastien Chazot Project Director

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Spatial hydrology, in situ and modeling in the Amazon River basin

Volta Basin Water Charter

Volta Basin Water Charter

Benin, Burkina Faso, Côte d'Ivoire, Ghana, Mali, Togo