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Innovative Services
PREDICT Services

Support to set up PREDICT Services in a partnership with Météo France and Astrium.

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Public-Private Partnerships & Irrigation

BRL Ingénierie is actively involved in Public-Private Partnership ventures for irrigation, especially in Morocco.

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Offshore wind farm impact assessment

After producing the Languedoc-Roussillon Atlas of offshore wind farms in 2000, BRL Ingénierie is now working on the 4th environmental impact assessment of an offshore wind farm in France, which makes us a pioneer and a leading stakeholder in a fast-developing area of activity based on an unstable legislative and regulatory background.

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Global studies to anticipate and adapt to climate change

For BRL Ingénierie, whose main activity focuses on managing and utilizing natural resources, especially water, and the protection of natural areas and biodiversity, climate change is naturally a core issue.

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Bilan Carbone ® and GHG assessments

BRL Ingénierie has successfully qualified to perform Bilan Carbone® assessments. This means that we have the capacities required to quantify greenhouse gas emissions and propose measures to control and reduce them.

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Wimes®: a complete range of services for water and the environment

Drawing on its experience in the fields of Integrated Water Resources Management and Water and Environmental Information Systems, BRL Ingénierie has developed a new range of services based on the Smart Basin concept: WIMES® (Water Information Management Ecosystem and Services).

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