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Public-Private Partnerships & Irrigation

BRL Ingénierie is actively involved in Public-Private Partnership ventures for irrigation, especially in Morocco.

Not only are we actively present on the Guerdane project where the BRL Group is a member of Amensouss, the scheme-managing joint venture, BRL Ingénierie has also been awarded two feasibility studies for the management of the Loukkos and Tadla Irrigation Schemes.

Today both of the irrigation schemes are managed by the public authorities in charge of regional development through their Offices Régionaux de Mise en Valeur.

The two studies are to examine the feasibility of the projects and assist the project owner (Administration du Génie Rural du Ministère de l’Agriculture et de la Pêche Maritime) to select the future irrigation scheme manager following in the footsteps of the process that was successful for Guerdane Irrigation Scheme.

The first study concerns the Loukkos Irrigation Scheme (30 000 ha of command area Northeast of Rabat). It commenced in September 2008 on European Investment Bank Funds. The second is to commence in March 2009. Tadla Irrigation Scheme (80 000 ha of command area) is located around Béni Mellal, south of Casablanca.

For both of these studies, BRL Ingénierie is working with companies offering complementary skills to our own, in particular GLN for legal aspects, ICEA consultants for financial aspects and the Moroccan consultants SCET-SCOM and Agroconcept for the development and economic aspects.