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Services available: G.I.S, Graphic output, CAD, DTP, Topography

BRL Ingénierie has highly skilled personnel and leading edge software to answer all needs in terms of mapping, GIS, graphic output, layout design and DTP, databases and internet technology.

People with experience of work in France and abroad compose the team offering these services. 


Mapping: legally required environmental impact assessment maps, maps for Territorial Development Consistency Plans, Risk Prevention Plans, Community Safety Plans, hydraulic surveys, irrigation and drinking water supply systems, integrated coastal zone management, management plans, windfield master plans, land consolidation studies, and many more.
Assistance and advice: semiology and graphic design, publishing.

ArcGIS Desktop: GIS Digital mapping.

  • Spatial Analyst: The RASTER data processing module in ArcGIS.
  • 3D Analyst: ArcGIS 3D data processing module (especially TIN processing)
  • Oasis: coupling of a hydraulic model under ISIS with ArcGis for the automatic mapping of flood zones and 3D view.

Mapinfo 15: Office software for mapping and analysis.
Global Mapper 17: GIS toolkit (DTM and 3D analyzes, LIDAR processing, geo referencing, multi-format conversion, reprojection, multi-criteria spatial analysis ...
QGIS: GIS Digital mapping.
OPPTIMeau: Link in pre and post-processing between ArcGIS GIS data and hydraulic models (BRLI proprietary software)
Google Earth Pro: Cartographic Bank.
R Project: Statistical data processing and analysis.
Cartolander: mobile cartography tool embedded on tablets of ground.


  Spatial analysis

Digital Elevation Models from available topographic data.
Output based on DEM: hypsometric maps, slopes, soil erosion potential, covisibility calculations, topographic cross-sections, 3D visuals…

Software: Spatial Analyst, 3D Analyst


Oasis is an application that combines the hydraulic model, ISIS, with ArcGIS for automatic mapping of flood plains and 3D views. 

Software: Oasis

 Data Bases & Development

Graphic design : posters, leaflets, brochures, photoshopping before and after a project didactic illustrations.
Desktop publishing: design and development of graphic charters for publications and report illustrations…

Adobe Creative Cloud

  • Adobe Photoshop : Retouching and composing images
  • Lightroom : Photo Processing and Editing
  • Illustrator : Vector drawing and illustration
  • Premiere Pro : Production and video editing
  • InDesign : Creating Layouts
  • Experience Design : Design ans prototyping of user experiences
Adobe adobe
 Drawings for the Andros project in Adobe Illustrator Spicy model in Adobe Indesign

: Graphic Suite.
AUTOPANO PRO : Image assembly software