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Hydraulics & Hydrology

Hydraulics: gravity networks

Sic: Canal flow in permanent and transient flow conditions

Hydraulics: pressure networks (irrigation, pipelines…)  

Reseau : Digitizing and sizing calculations for branch pressure pipe networks
CEBELMAIL : Modeling of pressurized networks (transient regimes)

Profile of piezometers

Hydraulics: pressure networks (drinking water…)

Piccolo, Epanet: Grid network modelling of drinking water supply.
Porteau: Grid network modelling of drinking water supply and irrigation.
STOAT, AQUASINM: Design of sewage treatment plants (biological treatment process)
LPLWin (CIFEC): Determination of calco-carbonic balance and simulation of drinking water treatment.
WaterGEMS: Modeling of water quality in drinking water networks.
CASSES: Breakdown of drinking water supply systems


Open-channel hydraulics :

Isis: River flow simulations.
Sms/FastTabs: 2D hydrodynamic calculations (rivers, lagoons, estuaries).
Sic: Steady and unsteady flow regimes.
Rubar: 2D steady and unsteady flow conditions.
Hec-Ras: Open-channel hydraulics: Water line calculation in any flow regime and any shape of cross-section
Telemac: 2D modelling of currents in rivers and at sea. 
Tuflow : Simulation of river flows to generate a two-dimensional model..
HSL : Calculation of hydraulic quantities in normal flow (manning-strickler) (BRLi software)
Castor : Simplified calculation of the propagation of a dam failure wave

Isis Tuflow
Simulation with ISIS

HEC-RAS modeling for the RIBB project

Sewerage : 

Canoë: Hydraulic modelling for urban storm water drainage design and sizing calculations.
SewerCAD : Network modelling of waste water.
PCSWMM: Urban flow modeling (wired modeling, 2D)
Network: Sizing of pipe water networks (BRLi software)


Shypre / Shyreg : Hydrological calculation of flood flows
ECRET Software of modeling of the cuts in a restraint (BRLi software)
HEC-HMS : Hydrological modeling system designed to simulate the complete hydrological processes of dendritic watershed systems
SCS /débit crue/Gradex : Calculation of flood flows (BRLi software)
HYDROSTAT : Current statistical analyzes in flood hydrology.
PHENIX : Hydrological modeling software for the determination of flood flows (BRLi software)

Shypre/Shyreg Shypre/Shyreg
Coupling of a rain generator and a hydrological model to define a return period with the Shypre model


Water management :

Magre : Water resource management and development model: Simulation of watershed functioning including Resource, Infrastructure and Demand elements at daily time steps.
Mike Basin : Water resource allocation and management model
WEAP: Tool for Integrated Water Resources Planning
HEC-ResSim: Modeling and exploitation of reservoirs for a variety of operational objectives and constraints.
HEC-ResPRM: Enables the optimization of tank system operations designed to assist planners, operators and managers in planning the operation of the tank