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Civil engineering, Geotechnics, Sea works

BRL Ingénierie has a full spectrum of computing and graphic output equipment to perform design studies, stability checking, soil/structure interactions, etc. for detailed design studies on water works :

  Civil engineering/BIM - 2D/3D topography :

AUTODESK Revit 2017,
AUTODESK Civil 3D 2017,
AUTOCAD Map 3D 2017,
AUTODESK Infraworks 2017
NAVISWORKS Manage 2017

Topo topo

ALLPLAN 2015 with 3D terrain modeler and post processor 3D reinforcement,
COVADIS for 3D earthworks design, layout and calculations;

For civil engineering and structure calculations :

ROBOT STRUCTURAL ANALYSIS 2017 for reinforced concrete structure calculations,
AUTODESK SIMULATION MECHANICAL 2017 : 3D mechanical simulation & modeling of multi-physical phenomena;

For geotechnics and soil/structure interactions :

PLAXIS 2D 2016 : 2D finite element program for flow studies, foundations, stability and soil/structure interaction,
SLOPE/W for bank stability calculations,
SEEP for transient and permanent ground flow regime calculations,
RIDO for sheet-piling and support calculations,
ALBE: Semi-probabilistic Eurocode software for dolphin calculations (deformation and stress in piles set in elasto-plastic ground and subject to top stress-strain)
OPTIMOOR : Analysis and calculation of the mooring conditions of a ship in operational situation (loading/unloading) or under conditions of residence

  For works Contract Management and Tender Document Preparation :

Microsoft Project: for project schedules, works schedules and monitoring,
MARCO: Preparation of administrative documents for works contracts and operation tracking with legal and financial watch (similar to PRAM),
BORDEST: an internally developed program under ACCESS to produce price lists and cost estimates.

  For marine hydraulics and marine sedimentology :

TELEMAC 2D/3D : 2D or 3D modeling of currents – Calculation of sea levels and marine submersion 
TOMAWAC - SWAN : Swell propagation models
ARTEMIS : Calculation of agitation (port basins, sea channels...)
SISYPHE : Modules of marine sedimentology (modeling chain TELEMAC)
GENESIS : Calculation of shoreline evolution
S-BEACH : Coastal erosion - Evolution of beach profiles
CEDAS : Calculation modules for marine structures (calculation of crossing, dimensioning)

revit Phasing of the SEDIF project via the REVIT 2016 tool.

ALLPLAN CAO 3D Software :

It allows the construction in 3D from field survey MNT and module GC voluminous. It thus becomes an essential assistant of the 3D modeling Finite elements providing the contours of the project.

CAD model - Charmines dam and a dam under ALLPLAN

Robot Structural Analysis :

ROBOT Structural Analysis is a software for the calculation and optimization of structures. It uses the finite element analysis method to study plane and spatial structures.

Robot Structural Analysis Robot Structural Analysis GAMBSHEIM lock
Robot Structural Analysis Robot Structural Analysis


ALGOR 3D modelling software :

Simulation Mechanical is a general calculation code using the Finite Element Method. Simulation Mechanical is designed for the treatment of all types of problems encountered by the disciplines of industrial mechanics and adapts particularly well for calculations of voluminal structures.

Below BRLi modeling of the Avène dam established in the framework of a behavioral analysis of the structure.

Avène dam: View of the mesh of the vault, the abutments and the injected rock
  Avène dam: Conditions of movement at the boundaries of nodes
  Avene dam: stress state under stress - detection of traction zone (potential cracking)

Below 3D modeling by BRL of a complex structure: the dam of the Couesnon - Mont Saint-Michel

3D modelling of the Couesnon Dam: Civil engineering - Foundation and ground   
    Results of a calculation: Deformation fields

This example demonstrates our ability to model complicated structures both in terms of the Civil Engineering structure and the Foundation-Structure and Mechanical Effort-Structure interactions.

Plaxis :

PLAXIS is a non-linear non-standard elastoplasticity analysis tool (5 parameters) with pore pressure considerations. PLAXIS is designed for 2D problems, plane deformation, or plane stresses. The elasto-plastic model allows calculations of displacements, stress conditions, limit loads and the evaluation of safety coefficients with respect to stability. PLAXIS allows the simulation of construction and excavation operations, which leads to a realistic evaluation of constraints and displacements.

Plaxis Plaxis
Sectional view of a movable dam (horizontal displacement on the left and hydraulic load on the right)