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BRLI videos

Communication, scientific extension and awareness-raising, and consultation processes are regular activities at BRL Ingénierie (NATURA 2000 document for the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur Environment Authority, Conference on Forest Fires for the French Coastal Conservation Agency...) and we adjust to the specific needs of all our studies and projects.

Over the last three years, BRL Ingénierie has developed a special audiovisual communication unit to champion our technical expertise. These additional skills mean we are able to produce quality educational and scientific documents that are often essential in project progress.

More than just documentary producers, the BRL Ingénierie audiovisual communication team are technical and scientific specialists, which warrants for the integral quality of our production.

Here are some examples of BRL Ingénierie achievements to illustrate the duality of our scientific/technical and audiovisual media skills.

   SPANC (2008)

In French, SPANC means “sewerage services to private individuals using independent sewage facilities”. It is a service created by the Nice Côte d’Azur Urban Intercommunity Authority (NCA) to raise people’s awareness but also to keep private sewage facilities under control. Instead of being just one more thing that is imposed on property owners, SPANC becomes a valuable ally to protect the environment.

8-minute documentary shown to people attending public consultation meetings. BRLI / NCA.



The Barbary macaque lives in Talassemtane National Park in the Rif mountains of Morocco. It is the only macaque in Africa and an emblematic Moroccan animal.

This animal documentary was produced during one of BRLI's technical assistance assignments for the Chefchaouen Provincial Directorate in charge of Agriculture in the frame of the European MEDA project for Participative Development in Forest and Peripheral Areas in the Province of Chefchaouen. (BRL Ingénierie - Fioravanti Production - Talassemtane National Park - 26 minutes).

The film is shown at the Talassemtane National Park museum and at the Natural History Museum in Nîmes during the annual exhibition, "Une planète pour les Singes" (a planet for the apes). It was selected for the Festivals of Le Haillan, Toulon, Autrans and Sciences Frontières (Les Frontières du Court).