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R&D projects
VULCAIN: Mediterranean Hydrosystem Vulnerability to Climate Change

Partners: BRGM (scientific coordination), BRL Ingénierie, CNRS, Météo France and Laboratoire HydroSciences - Montpellier.

Objectives :

To develop an integrated (trans-discipline) analysis method allowing the assessment of the impacts of climate change and of socio-economic evolution on Mediterranean hydrosystems at medium (2020-2040) and long term (2040-2060).

The approach to be implemented includes three main stages:

- Hydrological and hydrogeological modelling to analyse the combined effect of the anticipated socio-economic changes and the local climate change scenarios on water resources during the period 2020 to 2040;

-Prospect talks will be held in order to construct a set of scenarios for the evolution of activities requiring water from 2020 to 2040. A model will then be developed to quantify the evolution of the water demand due to the anticipated changes. 

-An economic analysis will then be carried out to assess probable consequences of climate change scenarios on water-consuming activities as well as their impact on water resources for the period 2020-2040.

Study area :

Pyrénées Orientales department. (The P.O. Departmental Council is a member of the steering committee).