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Global studies to anticipate and adapt to climate change

For BRL Ingénierie, whose main activity focuses on managing and utilizing natural resources, especially water, and the protection of natural areas and biodiversity, climate change is naturally a core issue.

Thanks to the multi-discipline skills of almost 150 staff, BRL Ingénierie is able to cover all the themes related to the human, economic and natural environment and to provide relevant, extensive expertise to local, national and international managers taking up the 21st century’s major challenge.

BRL Ingénierie activities relating to climate change mainly concern:
Overall studies to anticipate and adjust to climate change, namely: 

-Evaluation of socio-economic and ecological system vulnerability, 
-Anticipation of the effects of climate change on water resources, agriculture, ecosystems, coastal and marine zones, human health, infrastructure and economic activities. 
-Adjusting practices (water, forest, biodiversity and agriculture management...) and development and environmental conservation policies.