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Offshore wind farm impact assessment

Context: After taking their first steps in the early years of the 21st century, offshore wind farms really took off in France in 2007 and 2008.

BRL Ingénierie carried out the third environmental impact assessment for the French authorities on the subject for a promoter in the Baie de Seine.

BRL Ingénierie thus examined the effects of constructing 50 5MW wind turbines, 177m high, 17 km from the shoreline. Modelling and specific assessments were necessary to understand what the works, the operation and the expansion of the windfield would entail:

-the impact of wind turbine vibrations on marine life (fish stock, shellfish, marine mammals, diadromous species,…)
-the impact of the presence of the turbines on navigational safety, radars and electromagnetic wave systems, chiroptera and birdlife, landscape, hydrodynamics and the currents in the Baie de Seine waters.
-the impact of the presence of the turbines on navigation, collision risks, and on the use of fishing and benthic resources;
-quantification of the risks of explosion due to the presence of war machines in the Baie de Seine during the Second World War.

Prospects: After producing the Languedoc-Roussillon Atlas of offshore wind farms in 2000, BRL Ingénierie is now working on the 4th environmental impact assessment of an offshore wind farm in France, which makes us a pioneer and a leading stakeholder in a fast-developing area of activity based on an unstable legislative and regulatory background.
Consistently with specific studies on offshore renewable energies, BRL Ingénierie carries out a great many environmental impact assessments on issues related to renewable energy production:- ground photovoltaic solar power systems and land-based wind farms.